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30% uplift in sales – good market research pays out!

Hard figures speak for our research attitude and the tool Deep Dive Experience: „Now sales figures are available for our Maggi Blechfixe which were developed through the initial impulse of this study with Schöttmer-Institut:

The 2 SKUs launched in October 2016 sell 30 % better than the average of all new launched products – and this completely without TV support. … DEEP DIVE EXPERIENCE is an inspiring reference framework for brand work and a perfect counterpart for quantitative studies & Big Data.“

This is how Bettina Kinzel-Hink, Market Research Group Manager Culinary of Nestlé Germany commented the results on current BVM Congress in Berlin.

Curious? Hans Schöttmer will be delighted to answer your questions.

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Best Paper Award for our contribute to the BVM Congress 2017 in Berlin!

In a live-voting of the participants of current BVM-Congresses 2017 under the headline „Understanding and develop brands – new ways in the world of market research“ won our lecture – which we held together with our client Nestlé / Maggi!

Our biggest thank goes to the great cooperation with Bettina Kinzel-Hink from Nestlé and the whole auditorium!

Do you want to know more about this paper? Please send a short note, and we arrange this for you!

More Information: susanne.schoettmer at

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Customer centricity - a “pink elephant”? Lecture at the BVM Symposium “Design Thinking”

User-centric approaches such as design thinking propagate the idea of consistently orientating innovation developments towards people. But to what extent is “customer centricity” actually already being implemented?

And what challenges and opportunities result for those of us who are “experts in people” and qualitative researchers? Lisa Neundorfer will be talking about this together with business moderator Jule Jankowski on March 27 at a BVM Symposium in Berlin.

In collaboration with the 28-Day Customer Innovation Cycle, we have developed a concept by means of which we contribute to the qualification of innovation projects based on these new premises of the agility of the process and a more intensive customer experience.

For more information, please contact:

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Customer Journey und Curstomer Satisfaction – 2 subjects we do reseach on with smart, efficient and sustainable studies!

You have loyal customers, but not enough new ones? re-purchase rate is too low? too many lapsed user?

We give clear answers what might be the reason and inspire actions, to change this to the better.

Consequently thought out of the perspective of your target and with the systematical approach of the Business Model Canvas according to Alex Osterwalder, which covers context variables too, we step ahead.

We develop an individual design referring to your individual situation, your quest for knowledge and your budget and which ideally includes all relevant stakeholder (internal as well as external, from lapsed user up to own sales force).

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#OMR17 in Hamburg – a short review of Susanne Schöttmer from the place to be!

On 2. and 3. march 2017 THE mega event of online marketing scene took place in Hamburg: ONLINE MARKETING ROCKSTARS - with about 27.000 visitors in 3 fair halls. It was us in midst of it – and what we took out?

First class program, relaxed ambience and an endless number of onliners and techs (who also grow older … ähem … more mature ;-) kept us involved as us being societal seissmographs and consumer researchers with those 3 main subjects which we have to think about:
1) Trend towards Omnichannel
2) Era of Personalization
3) Customer Journey (online!)

With Julia Stern, VP Performance Marketing of Zalando and Alexander Gösswein of Criteo my masterclass with the headline „People Centric Marketing“ was covered first-class, too.

Hungry for more information?
Call me: Susanne Schöttmer 040-309 662 - 20

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With 44% the smartphone is a most attractive device to answer our online-surveys!

Deliberately chosen 44% of all respondents in our last onlines surveys answered by mobile device, 6 % via tablet and about 50 % personal computer, laptop and others.

Of course: The smartphone is our daily companion in the subway, in the waiting room at the MD, on the sofa at home – almost like a new grown „body part“ ;-).

In all our online surveys we us a design which is completely responsible to any device preferred by respondent. Like this answering can be a pleasant way to pass the time. This also adds to a good answer quality!

Market Research 4.0 – we not just talk, we do.

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Schöttmer-Institut Rhein-Main now located in Start-up Innovations Center STARTWERK-A Wiesbaden

Everybody talks about it, how an unconventional work-surrounding can inspire thinking. Established companies source out units in innovative start-up environments to breath in inspiration. Now we are in midst of it!

Visit our Unit Rhein-Main in the start-up center STARTWERK-A in Wiesbaden and take a deep breath together with us!

More information:  Lisa Neundorfer +49 - 40 – 309 662 - 38

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Good, classic market research – tried, tested and sometimes still perfect!

New methods, reinventing the world or focusing on the fundamentals is important and especially worthwhile, but sometimes a wonderfully classic focus group also does the job even better. Or a classic taste test at the studio! Or a classic online survey without chat & community!

“Classic” does not mean being “old-fashioned”, but instead “tried-and-tested”, and very valuable - if it is done with craftsman’s skill! This is where we come into the game. And what we also love to do for you. That simply needed to be said.

More information:  Susanne Schöttmer +49 - 40 – 309 662 - 30

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New: 28-day Customer Innovation Cycle

As customer insight experts, in the future we will be collaborating with the experts for innovation development, Berlin’s LORENZO innovation consultants. We will be working together to develop really inspiring ideas with your company’s internal innovation teams & consumers, and that in just 28 days.

Our flexible 28-day Customer Innovation Cycle…

  • develops powerful insights from new perspectives
  • stands for genuine collaboration, because we productively bring heterogeneous teams together
  • is validated, can be experienced directly and has a manageable timeframe
    – because together we swiftly build specifically conceivable prototypes from creative ideas, and test and optimize them directly with your target group.
  • accelerates implementation
    – because we initiate clear ideas for the continuing workflow, and the solutions we have worked out together are borne by the team.

More information:  Lisa Neundorfer +49 -152 - 048 23 231

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How do brands reach the connected consumer?

Hans Schöttmer reported on the challenges faced by the communication of traditional consumer brands in the digital age to students studying communication psychology at Macromedia University of Applied Sciences in Hamburg on May 11, 2016 as part of a lecture.

Based on many years of researching on behalf of brands like MAGGI, BAHLSEN, ZOTT and TCHIBO, the Schöttmer-Institut is an expert in developing classic sender-receiver forms of addressing clients, ranging as far as interactive communication with connected consumers. The comprehensive look at a brand as a business model and optimal integration of brand communication as part of a consistently consumer-centered process were the central areas covered by the lecture and the discussion with the up-and-coming generation of communications experts.

More information: Hans Schöttmer +49 - 40 – 309 662 - 20

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Following a general audit of Nestlé’s suppliers and service providers in January 2015, we were honoured with a silver ‘ecovadis Supplier Sustainability Ratings’ medal (


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Matthias Kötter: “The test studio is dead – Long live the test studio” – October 2015

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Hans Schöttmer: “A vision of good market research” – May 2014

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