Here you get good, contemporary market research and research-based consulting.

We are an independent full-service institute for market research in Germany and around the world.

We work human-centered. Research subjects range from target groups, brands, products, communication, the point of truth (shops), to values, social change, and business models. We cover both qualitative and quantitative research.

EXPERIENCE from the perspective of the target groups.

UNDERSTAND what motivates today and influences decisions tomorrow.

That means PROFITABLE KNOWLEDGE of how brands, products, and communication become even more valuable.

Our clients include companies from a wide range of industries, with a focus on food and FMCG. We also work for retailers (both online and brick-and-mortar) and other service providers such as financial services, artisanal businesses, universities, and many more. We understand each other very well with advertising agencies.

They all appreciate our reliability, the competence of our staff, and our innovative strength. Based on experience, empathy, and creativity. We provide impulses, orientation, and clear recommendations to make our clients even more successful and unique.

Identify Opportunities

… with an unique and up-to-date research philosophy, Denkfreude and utmost experienced manual skills  - in Germany, Europe and across the world.

Empower market intelligence

… with a holistic view. We support to align internal procedures systematically consumer-oriented.

Point up paths to success

… through clear strategic and operating-tactical recommendations derived from our studies and personal experience with consumers.

Create orientation

… through connecting smartly the numbers, results, explicit & implicit data, online & offline derived facts to receive amazing insights.


Goodbye consumer, welcome CoSumer!

Rethinking consumers: They want to participate, influence the offer, not be patronized, but take on very different responsibilities. ...


René Lewin – our new Senior Operations Manager at the Schöttmer-RESEARCH HUB

Good news is meant to be shared and we would like to take this opportunity to introduce you to ...


Get the consumer on board quickly!

Fast, uncomplicated, flexible, affordable, engaging – in a Concept Lab, Relevance Booster, Creation Booster, ... - we have ideas and a concept ...


People & Markets

Strong researchers gene:
We explore what motivates people and how to develop markets.

  • Trends and social factors
  • Motives and barriers
  • Attitudes and behaviour
  • Market structures and target groups
  • Market gaps and new, emerging market segments


In the spotlight: We identify a brand’s touchpoints, its facets and potential for development.

  • Brand DNA
  • Brand positioning
  • Brand architecture
  • Brand communication
  • Brand stretching
  • Brand re-launch
  • Brand activation

Products / Offers

From insight to product (re-)launch: We ideate, evaluate and optimise the product and the customer journey.

  • Identify insights
  • Generate ideas, Ideation
  • Write concepts
  • UX & Customer Experience
  • Taste tests, sniff tests, use tests, handling tests
  • Packaging, design
  • Placement, Pricing


360° communications: We develop messages, evaluate their execution, and optimise the linking of multimedia parameters.

  • Development of creative ideas and concepts
  • Evaluation and optimisation at all stages of execution
  • 360° linking (TV, print, online, dialog media, promotion)

„As a long-established Hanseatic company, we have set sail for the future, with a fresh wind at our back – powered by innovation & Denkfreude since 1965.“

Susanne & Hans Schöttmer, Managing Directors


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