It’s a people business

Market research lives by people whose knowledge, experience and methodical expertise contributes crucially to the success of your project. We invite you to get to know our people!


Hans Schöttmer
Managing Director, Schöttmer-Institut GmbH Hamburg

A leader and thinker, contemplative philosopher and goal-oriented pragmatist. Following studies in psychology and professional stations at Nestlé, GfK and icon, he leads the Schöttmer-Institut in Hamburg since 1997 together with his wife. His skillset: a fascinating combination of multi-layered theoretical knowledge from the fields of psychology science and brand technology, entrepreneurship, and in-depth practical experience, combined with an out-of-the-box disposition. Thus equipped, Hans has for many years been inspiring and developing innovative methods of quantitative and qualitative market research – ‘on the fly’ and in addition to the daily challenges on behalf of his clients.
„I’m an idealist with a clear vision of good market research.“


Susanne Schöttmer
Managing Director, Schöttmer-Institut GmbH Hamburg

"Everybody is talking about Digital Transformation, Virtual and Augmented Reality, AI and Design Thinking. The groundbreaking influence on society in general and our work in specific is evident, therefore I think I have the most exciting profession" she says about herself. Susanne studied business administration and communications sciences and focusses for some time now on opportunities derived by this fundamental change, waiting to be discovered. Always looking ahead, keeping her eye on the radar for future trends and modern lifestyles as a valuable base for conceptional work on brands, products and communication.
„Apart from Big Data: At certain points our digital friends suffer from being machines and it needs human experts like us with professionally well-developed empathy and creative Denkfreude to be successful!"



What makes a great team? Enthusiasm and individual strengths. At the Schöttmer Institute, you will find – alongside the more conventional psychologists, economists, sociologists, cultural scientists and nutritionists, festival fans, musicians and voice actors, make-up artists, amateur cooks (in a way, all of us are, with various focuses – which is why our company events have always been culinary happenings as well ;-)), gardeners, photographers, amateur architects, fashionistas, wine experts, salsa dancers, and amateur craftsmen. A one-of-a-kind mix indeed!

We are small enough to be directly connected with you and your customers – but large enough and well-versed in conducting global studies competently and efficiently as well.

„Founded in 2021, the SCHÖTTMER-RESEARCH HUB is the platform that guarantees the optimal implementation of our full-service projects through a steadily growing and carefully curated network of strong partners and service providers in various countries and a great in-house know-how.“

Susanne Schöttmer, Managing Director

A network of specialists

The network of professionals who enrich our work is comprised of valuable, highly qualified people from various disciplines, professionals focused on specific topics. We live the diversity in keeping with modern co- and networking.

  • Graphic designers
  • Live scribblers
  • Copywriters
  • Photographers
  • Data Scientists
  • IT specialists
  • Programmers
  • Translators / Interpreter
  • Moderators
  • Specialists for various qualitative forms of analysis

Schöttmer International

The Schöttmer-Institut has already been on the global preferred supplier lists of different international blue chip companies for many years. We work for strategic business advisor teams and product developers around the world. Sometimes it is about assisting national clients with international product launches, developing cross-national communications platforms or supporting international clients in handling the European market. As an independent market research institute, we work with individually selected partners in different countries. The coordination and supervision of international studies (also in the role of a lead agency/ outsourced market research department) takes place centrally in Hamburg.

Austria, Belgium, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, United Kingdom, Hungary, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Romania, Russia, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland

North Africa
Egypt, Ethiopia, Sudan

Asia/ Pacific
China, Hong Kong, India, Iran

North America
Canada, USA

South America
Brazil, Colombia


personal membership
(Susanne Schöttmer)

corporate and personal membership
(Susanne Schöttmer)

personal membership
(Susanne Schöttmer)

Job Opportunities

We grow with our tasks and with good people in our team.

Are you looking for a new challenge?

We currently offer the following possibilities:

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