Your project is our top priority – we give it our all!

What you can expect: Dedicated contacts who personally identify with your topics and projects. People who are guided by empathy, creativity and experience. A dedicated, interdisciplinary team that ideally combines individual skills and versatile interests.

“We see ourselves as imaginative explorers, experienced decoders, and a strategically source of inspiration and ideas.”

Hans Schöttmer, Managing Director

Understand people and markets

We provide an up-to-date and candid look at people – your customers – and decode the complexity of your markets from their perspective.

  • Trends and social factors
  • Motives and barriers
  • Attitudes and behaviour
  • Market structures and target groups
  • Market gaps and new, emerging market segments

Shape and activate brands

In fast-changing times, we deliver orientation and inspiration for shaping and activating an up-to-date brand image.

  • Brand DNA
  • Brand positioning
  • Brand architecture
  • Brand communication
  • Brand stretching
  • Brand re-launch
  • Brand activation

Develop and enhance products

We identify the wishes of your target groups, explain how customers think and feel about your ideas and products, and provide guidance for successful product developments.

  • Identify insights
  • Generate ideas
  • Draw up concepts
  • Develop configurations, assortments of the offer
  • Usage & Customer Experience
  • Packaging, design, placement, pricing

Inspire and develop communications

Advertising is dead – long live communications! Brands practice 360° communications, with each medium and every touchpoint serving their own purpose. And yet they all play on the same team – which we are happy to coach.

  • Development of creative ideas and concepts
  • Evaluation and optimisation at all stages of execution
  • 360° perspective (TV, print, online, dialog media, promotion)

Business Opportunities

  • Market entry surveys
  • Studies about market development
  • Basic research
  • Market structure analysis
  • Trend research
  • Competitor analyses

Concept research

  • Innovation research
  • Innovation support
  • Concept development
  • Concept testing (insight, positioning, product…)
  • Name testing

Brand research

  • Brand status
  • Brand diagnosis
  • Support for brand and logo development

Advertising research

  • Pre-tests, post-tests, advertising media tests
  • Testing of animatics, photomatics, ‘stealomatics’
  • TV commercial testing
  • Print testing
  • Claim testing
  • Online campaign
  • Website design and usability testing
  • Testing of sales support and sales promotion material
  • Customer magazine testing
  • Advertising effectiveness testing, tracking

Product research

  • Product concept testing
  • Product testing (in home and in studio)
  • Taste tests, recipe testing
  • Sniff, olfactory testing
  • Price research, price sensitivity testing
  • Potential analyses
  • Reliable Purchase Index (RPI)
  • TURF analyses
  • Sales forecasts, volume estimates
  • Usability testing
  • Cooking experiences


  • Design testing
  • Handling testing

Target groups

  • Motivation research
  • Values research / segmentations
  • Consumer immersion
  • Usage & attitude surveys
  • Target group segmentation


  • Customer satisfaction surveys
  • Support for in-house and/or interdisciplinary work groups
  • Support of in-house development teams
  • Participation in marketing jour fixes
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