Intelligent survey designs

Our versatile ‘module box’ contains the right methods for each and every research question – and if it doesn’t exist yet, we’ll develop the appropriate one. We design and build the perfect study for your research objective by individually combining innovative and proven, qualitative and quantitative methodological modules.

We act boldly and proactively, while always remaining scientifically sound – by continuously screening new developments in methodology and technology, adapting innovations, updating best practices, and purposefully complementing them with our own developments.

Ideas incubator

Hatch ideas, let them grow, and verify their merits – in line with your processes and guided by insights.

Concept workshop

Develop, fine-tune and enrich modules – predefined or jointly developed in the workshop –into relevant concepts. Online, offline or an effective combination of the two.

Sculpture - Gamification

Creative sculpting (using psychodrama materials kit), to visualise complex value systems, brand images, ideas and/or prototypes in a fun way.

Mobile ethnography

Be right on the scene, in the thick of the action: mobile ethnography via mobile app – your direct line to real life. In real-time, 24/7. The ‘Ethno-Studio’ provides a digital link to the search for clues.

‘Deep Dive Adventures’

Dive deep into the world your target group lives in: an exclusive method combining elements of mobile ethnography and complementary moderated techniques.

‘Sneak In’ workshops

Direct exchange: discuss interim results in internal workshops at our customers' house together, then the study together further shaping. For optimum, accurate results.

"Relevance Booster"

Agency, marketing department and customers in direct interaction, moderated with focus, whether in small groups or large interdisciplinary groups. For fast feedback and inspiration in different process stages.

Eye tracking

Track and evaluate eye movements and glances – for greater confidence in the impact of details or the effectiveness of offers, communications and shelf layouts in general.

Values typology

Overview and structure of the value systems of individual people in individual markets – modelled on / building on existing typologies or newly developed, as a planning and working tool/basis for many different areas.

MSR Analyses

‘Motivation-Salience-Repetition’ is a form of qualified purchase intention analysis, especially in communications research, that takes into consideration the idea of the perceptual prominence of the media’s impact/impression across various levels.

Volume Forecast

Volume estimates as part of product tests, using a transparent module that can be controlled with individual parameters – no ‘Black Box’. Includes the option to simulate various different scenarios right on your desktop.

Quantitative online check

Flexible and individual options for intelligent, efficient online research. For large projects and for limited budgets.

Focus Groups

  • Traditional & extended focus groups
  • Mini groups, triads, dyads
  • Co-creation workshops
  • Creative groups, creative workshops
    (involving collages, photos, sculptures, role-playing, parties, scenario techniques etc.)
  • Innovation workshops
  • Groups with specific target groups
    (Golden Agers, Early Adopters, Trendsetters, Leader Groups etc.)
  • Expert groups
    (craftsmen, technical engineers, designers, creative professionals, architects, event managers …)

One-on-one explorations

  • Traditional deep dives
  • In-depth psychological interviews
  • Morphological interviews
  • Friendship-Pairs
  • B2B explorations
  • Interviews with experts


  • In-Home visits/ Consumer Safari
  • Participative, non-participative observation
  • Customer journey
  • Mobile ethnography
  • Consumer portraits
  • Pen portraits

Statistic analysis procedures

  • Bi- and multivariate analyses
  • Cluster-analyses
  • Conjoint-analyses
  • Funnel-analyses
  • KPI analyses
  • Price research: PSM (Price Sensitivity Measurement)

Apparative methods

  • Conventional Eye Tracking
  • Virtual Eye Tracking

Expanded techniques, mixed methods

  • Repertory Grid
  • ‘Homework’
  • Diaries (on- and offline)
  • Integration of interactive elements (‘instant measuring’)
  • Self-complete surveys
  • Home use sequences in focus groups
  • Visual protocols
    (‘graphic recording’, integration of scribblers, artists)

Qualitative analysis methods

  • Semantic analysis
  • Semiotic analysis


  • In the Studio
  • In home, home-use
  • By phone


  • In-home observation
    (via Internet, streaming)
  • Online communities (MROCS)
  • Online Focus Groups
  • Online diaries
  • Quantitative & qualitative surveys
    (panel or individual, exclusively recruited samples)


  • Structured Interviews
  • Partially structured Interviews
  • f2f, CAPI, WAPI, CATI, online


  • Desk research
  • Experiments
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