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The Schöttmer Institute is now also working in Chinese.

This is solely contemporary, because china as one of the fastest developing markets, as well as the chinese population living in Germany, offers great potential for our clients. To exploit this potential as good as possible, we in cooperation with our partners in shanghai are there for you to assist.

More information:  susanne.schoettmer (at)

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The Schöttmer Institute is a partner of the newly founded "Consumer Advisory Board" of Pahnke Markenmacherei

"Proximity to the people creates distance to the competition"

Successful brand work is always based on a superior understanding of consumer behaviour. Only those who understand people's behaviour and the underlying motives can create brands that deliver action energy, differentiability and presence and thus survive in competition.

With the "Pahnke Consumer Advisory Board", Pahnke Markenmacherei in Hamburg has developed a format that supports this understanding process and creates the possibility of integrating customers in an innovative way. The Consumer Advisory Council is recruited on the basis of six archetypes which, as representatives of relevant life models, provide interesting and new perspectives through joint discussion.

"Our Consumer Advisory Council is not a substitute for market research, but serves above all to generate insight hypotheses and initial concept resonance," says Timo Woitek, Director of Strategy at Markenmacherei. "The format is deliberately low-threshold and everyday and ensures a broad and unobstructed view."

The Consumer Advisory Council's discussions take place in cooperation with the Schöttmer Institute in Hamburg and concept m in Berlin in special "everyday rooms" designed as if they were part of our everyday lives.

"The Schöttmer Institute is a partner that enables and accompanies many modern consumer insight offers," adds Hans Schöttmer. "Especially systematically established, playful process steps to get closer to the consumer like this one, but also other small scaled but recurring formats like "Consumer Days", "Consumer Jour Fixe" or "Client Councils" increase the proximity - and everything that creates proximity and above all understanding is advantageous - here for both sides, agency and customer! And we as market researchers guarantee that it is not just blind poking in the fog but profitable insights."

More information:
hans.schoettmer (at) - +49 40 309662 2

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Sometimes a glass of milk is enough and you don't need a whole cow.

You need fast and uncomplicated support to get projects on track, expand your portfolio or absorb capacity bottlenecks?

The Schöttmer Research Hub offers a range of solutions:
modular to book & freely scalable regarding physical resources, personal support and consulting.

For more information:

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Schöttmer plants trees ...

To give our customers and employees a little pleasure, we planted a tree this year instead of a Christmas card.

Under the motto "A tree for a better world!" we support the project "Plant for the Planet". They plant a tree for every e-mail we send. Every tree on average binds about 10kg of carbon dioxide per year.

Now there is a small Schöttmer forest in Mexico with 500 trees!

For further information see:

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We not only decrypt Insights but also Escape Rooms ;-)

On the occasion of a team event at the end of the year, the Schoettmer team competed with each other again the challenge, to find a way out of an unstructured situation and escape various escape rooms through a creative approach, logical combination and teamwork.

And the winner was the team "Sweet Revenge". Congratulations!

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Empathy cannot be bought in the App-Shop

Susanne Schöttmer in an interview about self-optimization, clichés and constant accessibility in the series "Women in Market Research" by

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Fast, agile and effective - market research consulting today!

EFFECTIVE: With our studies you will get to know your products and brands from a different perspective. The result is not always as clearly proven as it is in our DEEP DIVE EXPERIENCE study we did for Nestlé, but after that, a newly introduced Fix & Frisch product with 2 SKUs generate 30% more turnover without advertising support than the average of all new launches in recent years.

AGIL: The new buzz word that clearly shows us that it is no longer an exhaustive study to set up. Contemporary solutions are agile studies, often with the involvement of experts from the customer's house. In agile loops we gain short-term profits and long term a whole new roadmap. That suits our time and signifies us. Specifically: Ask us about our concept PRODUCT INNOVATION SPRINT - characterized by a lean working method and the implementation in several, smaller steps and loops with a continuous adjustment possibility.

FAST: Development periods are getting shorter, and investment in large, structural research programs and tracking studies are shrinking. What is the solution? The intelligent fusion of research methods can be a powerful solution. Or very fast reporting, which is focused on the needs of the decision makers, the management or the developers who work with it. Cockpit-charts with all key results at a glance, we can provide not only for quantitative studies, but especially for qualitative studies based on 50 years of unique and validated expertise (!) in "human observation and interpretation" and in the subsequent consulting. If wished, we competently provide you with all the results you need only a few days after the end of the study and gladly discuss them with you and your business stakeholders via a web conference.

Innovative spirit & joy of thinking – our USP!

contact: susanne.schoettmer(at)

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German Excellence Award 2018 for the User Study DEEP DIVE EXPERIENCE

The Hamburg consulting company Multiversum won the German Excellence Award 2018 in the category "Digitalization - Communication & Consulting" with the "Deep Dive Experience User Study" - a study concept based and worked out together with the tool DEEP DIVE EXPERIENCE of the Schöttmer-Institut.

Germany's economy is successful - and that has good reasons. Many industries and disciplines are characterized by excellence. Often - especially in the B2B sector - such outstanding achievements of German companies and entrepreneurs remain in the dark. Therefore, it is time to honour excellency with a prize. This is the mission of the "German Excellence Award", which was awarded on 18 January 2018 in Frankfurt / Main by the German Institute for Service Quality (DISQ) and the DUB UNTERNEHMER-Magazin.

more relevant information about DEEP DIVE EXPERIENCE: susanne.schoettmer(at)

susanne.schoettmer@schoettmer.demore relevant links und

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Our FAMS trainee finishes education with top grade! - Congratulations!

As of today (18 January 2018), our "chick" leaves the nest and fledges to study business psychology. We wish good luck and hope not to lose sight of each other!


30% uplift in sales – good market research pays out!

Hard figures speak for our research attitude and the tool Deep Dive Experience: „Now sales figures are available for our Maggi Blechfixe which were developed through the initial impulse of this study with Schöttmer-Institut:

The 2 SKUs launched in October 2016 sell 30 % better than the average of all new launched products – and this completely without TV support. … DEEP DIVE EXPERIENCE is an inspiring reference framework for brand work and a perfect counterpart for quantitative studies & Big Data.“

This is how Bettina Kinzel-Hink, Market Research Group Manager Culinary of Nestlé Germany commented the results on current BVM Congress in Berlin.

Curious? Hans Schöttmer will be delighted to answer your questions.

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Following a general audit of Nestlé’s suppliers and service providers in January 2015, we were honoured with a silver ‘ecovadis Supplier Sustainability Ratings’ medal (


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Matthias Kötter: “The test studio is dead – Long live the test studio” – October 2015

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Hans Schöttmer: “A vision of good market research” – May 2014

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