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Let's get out of here? And if so, how?

The yearning for a vacation is super high (69%), higher for the vast majority than before Corona (63%). At the same time, Corona has influenced 75%'s travel plans for summer 2021. Well then, butter to the fish: where are you going and with what feeling?

Our current Schöttmer-Flashvote #16 documents, how it stands quite topically generally with the Corona concern and particularly around the longing for vacation. Are we "free" again? How do people feel? And if vacation "yes", then "how"?

Here is a short overview of the results of the current Schöttmer-Flashvote #16/2021.

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The new "cooking repertoire"

... inspired by real life in Corona times: Germany cooks more - does that mean more cooking expertise? Other recipes? Does that last or does it become annoying?

The current Schöttmer Flashvote #15 documents current cooking habits.

Here is a brief overview of the results of the latest Schöttmer Flashvote #15/2021.

or download the paper

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What makes TikTokkers tick? Or: Understanding the fascination of TikTok.

From enthusiasm to dislike: TikTok polarizes and is on everyone's lips. But the hype of the endless short videos also raises many questions that are met with interest and curiosity, but also with reservations and incomprehension.

In our 2021 user study, we at the Schöttmer Institute in Hamburg have, in keeping with our credo "Experience. Understand. Knowledge." investigated the phenomenon of TikTok.

Please read more on or in our study summary

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Will we buy "less, but better" in future? After Corona Presearch - Part 1

The propensity of private households to save increases in the Corona months. We all hope for an end to the pandemic that is weighing everything down.

What will happen when we can actually breathe again and thoughts become freer? What will happen to what we have saved?

Please read our management summary flashvote#13

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Reinforcement in the team of the Schöttmer-Institute in Hamburg:

From September 1st, 2020 Andrea Meixner joins our team. We are very happy, especially since we have been working with her on a project-by-project basis for many years.

As a Senior Research Specialist with many years of experience at the IJF Institute for Youth Research (Roland Berger Group), AC Nielsen, Partner Research and others in Munich and Hamburg, she supports us in the qualitative and quantitative field with a focus on FMCG.

If you have any questions, simply call/ email to:

Susanne Schöttmer, Managing Director
susanne.schoettmer (at) , +49 40 309662 30

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Corona FlashVote#4

Was bedeutet Home-Office für die heimischen Kochroutinen? In der vierten Welle Anfang Juni haben wir uns neben einigen neuen Standard KPIs in Sachen Corona und die Folgen ...

Management Summary zum Download jetzt verfügbar.

Weitere Infos: susanne.schoettmer (at) , +49 40 309662 30

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Corona FlashVote#3

Kochen in Corona-Zeiten: Nicht nur mehr, sondern auch anders! In der nun vorliegenden dritten Welle Anfang Mai haben wir uns mit dem Thema Kochen befasst um herauszufinden, inwieweit ...

Management Summary zum Download jetzt verfügbar.

Weitere Infos: susanne.schoettmer (at) , +49 40 309662 30

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Corona FlashVote#1

It's frightening, but not hopeless!

Of course, everyone is paralyzed, shocked and alienated, but already now we can see tender shoots of hope ...

Management Summary available for download now.

More information: susanne.schoettmer (at) , +49 40 309662 30

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Thanks to digitalization, consumer research continues - and is more valuable than ever!

Corona moves everyone, will change a part of our lives drastically! But even now, at the latest, when the doctors have this terrible threat under control – and we firmly trust in that – the world will be different. What is happening in the minds of consumers? What becomes more important, what less? How will your product area, your brand, be re-lit against this background?

If you don't want to take your eyes and ear off the market right now, to be new to the market quickly and strengthened as soon as the everyday lifes re-start again: we're here!

Thanks to social networks and digital infrastructure, we are able to set up interviews, group discussion and other methods digitally - up to complex quantitative concept-use test even with home use (then as i-HUT) – as long as useful / necessary even without face contact. If you are unsure whether your topic will be heard during this time and if it is possible to do research about it, we will be happy to figure this out together.

And our current experience is: People love to change subject at least from time to time, talk about something else than Corona!

More information: susanne.schoettmer (at) , +49 40 309662 30

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What moves brand management 2020?

1. Brands must position themselves in a world where values are becoming more and more random.

2. Brands must take an inner stance, provide attitude – shitstorms included.

3. Brands are no longer a "lighthouse", they have to make the customer shine themselves.


More information: hans.schoettmer (at) , +49 40 309662 20


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Following a general audit of Nestlé’s suppliers and service providers in January 2015, we were honoured with a silver ‘ecovadis Supplier Sustainability Ratings’ medal (


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Matthias Kötter: “The test studio is dead – Long live the test studio” – October 2015

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Hans Schöttmer: “A vision of good market research” – May 2014

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