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What moves brand management 2020?

1. Brands must position themselves in a world where values are becoming more and more random.

2. Brands must take an inner stance, provide attitude – shitstorms included.

3. Brands are no longer a "lighthouse", they have to make the customer shine themselves.


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Get the consumer on board quickly!

Fast, uncomplicated, flexible, affordable, engaging – in a Concept Lab, Relevance Booster, Creation Booster, ...

- we have ideas and a concept that can give everyone (including agencies) the right dose of impuls & insight – pushing in the right direction. Please contact us – especially if you are considering whether you want to involve research at all! It is always worth getting the consumer on board!

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Up-to-date update of the 4Ps? Brand leadership in times of digitalization

Do I need an "update" of the 4Ps (Product, Price, Place & Promotion) from the 60s? Our discussion suggestion which Ps could replace the old ones.

After the 4Ps (Product, Price, Place & Promotion) that appeared in the 60's were extended and modified again and again, the time may be ripe to think about a fundamental update of the 4Ps. What do you think about the following suggestion?*

* Platform * Purpose * Passion * Play

"Platform" describes the fact that modern products, for example, do not (only) consist of a thing that can be physically acquired, but open a door to a platform on which one enters a new, complex product service world. An Apple device is the door to the Apple "world," the platform on which seemingly all life can take place. The user benefit lies on a completely different level than on the level of the technical solution.

"Purpose" describes the growing pressure to legitimize, the question of the position in the background. Behind this is the fact that by using the product / service one is not exposed as a "pest" (air pest, polluter, client of antisocial and unethical productions etc.), but wants to make sure that one has made a comprehensively "good" choice.

"Passion" is the passion that drives the offer and that you want to feel. It becomes visible, for example, in emotionally charged claims that put the benefit, the feeling in context more in the foreground than the actual benefit. The energy (marketing technically) from the offer speaks, is to be transferred to the user.

And "Play" stands for the fact that brand management is elementarily important in the world of Gen Y and Z through playful, entertaining, joyful elements. Small entertaining episodes instead of tedious stories told by a brand. Playful special editions, cooperations with unusual partners, games, competitions, gadgets, presentations, events, all these are touchpoints with the brand that should be designed in such a way that they contribute to the brand.

What remains with all the digitality is that it is people who are both at the beginning of a process and at the end (of the individual loops, because an effective end to the relationship is not desired today ...). And in between, people flip the switch and decide in which direction the marketing is directed. In one direction or the other.

If it is unclear in which direction the switch should be moved, the AI should be programmed, the observation and questioning of current and potential customers (people!) at the end of the marketing chain is a good idea. Even with the newest, most experienced, most complex AI - as experience shows after several years of total AI euphoria - it is after all experienced people who give and decide substantial, visionary and opportunity-oriented advice.

On the advisor's side, good humanoid market researchers are valuable because they are not limited to digitally recordable data and their analysis, but complement them with unbeatable common sense and the joy of thinking.

* see also "The Internet requires new marketing" by Horst Wildemann, Professor at the Technical University of Munich, published in the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung of 7 October 2019.

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Pfeffi - Hype in East and West ... is Research able to predict that?

Sometimes you are amazed by facts: But the sweet peppermint liqueur from the East Germany is the in-drink beyond any eastern nostalgia, in clubs, at graduation and student celebrations in East and West. Clever marketing people carefully nurtured the starving plant, which has grown now into a veritable and refreshing plant bursting from energy.

But is such a thing predictable -> from market research?


Certainly not from Research.

A look into the past shows a lot of nostalgia and one or the other beautiful story, but no real potential. But insight experts with a trained eye ahead as “social seismographs” and “wish brokers” with professional human understanding beyond the "already measurable".

Based on the talent of decryption, craftsmanship and modern technology and above all a lot of empathy, they conduct Presearch.

They put bits and pieces together, even if they come from very different directions, i.e. product or life areas. And they find nuggets that, as in this case, can form a real hype.

This is a type of market research that inspires, motivates, thinks about the future in an opportunity-oriented way.

And that is what we stand for with our name: Schöttmer Institute!

Source of picture:

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Schöttmer-FlashVote#4: Alster or Radler?

Soon the preparations for the Oktoberfest begin. We'll tune in and introduce you to the results of our last FlashVotes:


What is it called: "Alster(wasser)" or "Radler"? 82% of the respondents to this important question think that the correct name is Alster(water). The "Radler" equator runs far to the south, because only test persons from Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg are of the opinion that "Radler" is the correct word.

Nearly all respondents (97%) know the brand Beck's, which is the best known beer; closely followed by Krombacher and Warsteiner. Beck's is also the most popular brand and is consumed by more than half of those surveyed. Beer with alcohol and Alster/Radler are generally at the top of the popularity list, ahead of non-alcoholic, cola beer and other mixed beer drinks.

(Source: Schöttmer-Institut, Schöttmer-FlashVote#4, Basis: 469 respondents in the period 30.08-02.09.2019. Further information at mail(at) The information may be published and quoted citing the source. Picture from rawpixel on

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Schöttmer-FlashVote#3: Deposit on cigarette butts?

The results of our FlashVotes#3:


It is not surprising that non-smokers generally find the deposit concept more sensible than smokers. If you take a closer look at the group of smokers, however, very different opinions become clear.

For example, 46% of smokers do not like the idea, while 42% welcome the it. 22% even think about to give up smoking. Altogether more than half of all asked ones believes that a disposit reduces environmental pollution. So how high should the deposit be? The interviewees consider an amount between 2 and 4 € per box to be acceptable. Even if the women generally find the cigarette deposit concept better than the men, the male interviewees are more willing to pay a deposit of 4€ than the women (23% to 17%). We are curious to see how this topic will continue and hope for a clean solution - with or without a deposit.

(Source: Schöttmer-Institut, Schöttmer-FlashVote#3, Basis: 454 respondents in the period 23.-26.08.2019. Further information at mail(at) The information may be published and quoted citing the source. Picture from Semevent on

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Schöttmer-FlashVote#2: Gaming...Megatrend or Nerd niche?

We continue the FlashVote series and share our gaming insights from last week:


Nerd niche, my ass! No matter if they call themselves "gamers" or "non-gamers": More than half of the respondents (57.7%) are convinced that gaming has become a trend sport.

Almost 60% of the gamers from our survey believe, however, that their image in society is rather negative. Only 6% of gamers are convinced of the opposite.

By the way: Anyone who believes that gamers these days mainly consist of young men is mistaken. Not only men (55%), but also almost as many women (45%) are among our interviewed gamers.

(Source: Schöttmer-Institut, Schöttmer-FlashVote#2, Basis: 356 respondents in the period 16.-20.8.2019. Further information at mail(at) The information may be published and quoted citing the source. Picture by Florian Gagnepain on

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Schöttmer-FlashVote#1: VAT increase on meat?

Our first FlashVote on the currently much discussed topic "VAT increase on meat" has been completed.


Read more for results:

Interesting facts:

- only about one third of the respondents believes that a VAT increase would benefit animal welfare
- only 25% of the respondents would eat less meat if there was a VAT increase.
- But more than half of the participants would be willing to pay 10-20% more for the meat if the money was definitely used for animal welfare.

(Source: Schöttmer-Institut, Schöttmer-FlashVote#1, Basis: 568 respondents in the period 8.-11.8.2019. Further information at The data may be published with citation of the source.)

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The Schöttmer Institute is now also working in Chinese.

This is solely contemporary, because china as one of the fastest developing markets, as well as the chinese population living in Germany, offers great potential for our clients. To exploit this potential as good as possible, we in cooperation with our partners in shanghai are there for you to assist.

More information:  susanne.schoettmer (at)

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The Schöttmer Institute is a partner of the newly founded "Consumer Advisory Board" of Pahnke Markenmacherei

"Proximity to the people creates distance to the competition"

Successful brand work is always based on a superior understanding of consumer behaviour. Only those who understand people's behaviour and the underlying motives can create brands that deliver action energy, differentiability and presence and thus survive in competition.

With the "Pahnke Consumer Advisory Board", Pahnke Markenmacherei in Hamburg has developed a format that supports this understanding process and creates the possibility of integrating customers in an innovative way. The Consumer Advisory Council is recruited on the basis of six archetypes which, as representatives of relevant life models, provide interesting and new perspectives through joint discussion.

"Our Consumer Advisory Council is not a substitute for market research, but serves above all to generate insight hypotheses and initial concept resonance," says Timo Woitek, Director of Strategy at Markenmacherei. "The format is deliberately low-threshold and everyday and ensures a broad and unobstructed view."

The Consumer Advisory Council's discussions take place in cooperation with the Schöttmer Institute in Hamburg and concept m in Berlin in special "everyday rooms" designed as if they were part of our everyday lives.

"The Schöttmer Institute is a partner that enables and accompanies many modern consumer insight offers," adds Hans Schöttmer. "Especially systematically established, playful process steps to get closer to the consumer like this one, but also other small scaled but recurring formats like "Consumer Days", "Consumer Jour Fixe" or "Client Councils" increase the proximity - and everything that creates proximity and above all understanding is advantageous - here for both sides, agency and customer! And we as market researchers guarantee that it is not just blind poking in the fog but profitable insights."

More information:
hans.schoettmer (at) - +49 40 309662 2

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Following a general audit of Nestlé’s suppliers and service providers in January 2015, we were honoured with a silver ‘ecovadis Supplier Sustainability Ratings’ medal (


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Matthias Kötter: “The test studio is dead – Long live the test studio” – October 2015

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